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How To Create Undeletable And Unrenamable Folders ?

1:- Go to Start and then Click on Run

2:- Type cmd & hit enter (To open Command Prompt ).

3:- Remember you cannot create Undeletable & unrenamable folder in your root directory (i.e. where the windows is installed) That means you can't make this kind of folder in C: drive if you installed windows on C:

4:-Type D: or E: and hit enter

5:-Type md con\ and hit enter (md - make directory)

6:-You may use other words such as aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9 instead of con in above step.

7:-Open that directory, you will see the folder created of name con.

8:-Try to delete that folder or rename that folder windows will show the error message.

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